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The mission of Bridging Education + Excellence is to motivate and challenge all students to excel in and beyond the academic environment; placing emphasis on academic excellence, social competencies, and the value of self. The goal is to bridge gaps in college completion and job obtainment by exploring social strengths, college preparation and career readiness from an academic, community, and ethical stance early. In an attempt to cut the cost of college attendance, BEE will be awarding 3 Scholarships varying in amount. 


In order for your application to be considered complete:

  1. Send a copy of your transcript and resume' to

  2. Complete the form below answering one of the following prompts in 300-1000 words:

    • What does it mean to persevere? 

    • How would I change the world if I could?

  3. Deadline: January 29th 2019

Applicants must attend a Newport News or Hampton City Public School (Virginia). Applicants can apply for no more than 2 scholarships but must submit a separate essay for both.

  • Freshman Deposit -  is a down payment on your tuition required by most colleges to accept admission. Made payable to attending institution, up to $250.  

  • Rooming Deposit - Room Reservation Deposit is a non-refundable deposit and is the first step to living on campus your next academic year. This applies to all students interested in participating in any part of student housing selection process. Made payable to attending institution, up to $350.

  • Room Furnishing – Room shopping spree with a BEE representative. (up to $200)

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