Our Why

Teenagers and adolescents need to be reminded that they are great, they need help manifesting their potential, and exposure to things their community is not able to provide. Studies show that students who receive emotional support, whether from home or the community, have a greater chance at being successful in future endeavors. Lower income students struggle to reach graduation and have difficulties receiving a college education, pursuing a trade, or maintaining employment. Part of the problem is being unaware of the endless possibilities the world has to offer, the other part is the belief in oneself to overcome academic and financial struggles. BEE’s desires to cater to those in needs through a variety of different services. Join us in our mission by donating your time or resources. Both greatly appreciated.

All proceeds and donations contribute to:

  • Scholarships

  • Tutoring

  • Community Involvement Events and Travel

  • Social Engagement Activities

  • +more