Social and Community Engagement


Life is never boring when you are a Busy Bee. Our program offers educational and cultural activities specially to meet needs and interests of tomorrows generation. These activities are an integral part of BEE's programs, providing opportunities to learn and socialize outside the classroom. Busy Bees attend concerts, plays, and sporting events; tour museums and historic sites; and take trips to cities both near and far.  *Trips to museums, historical sites and uniquely Virginia places are arrange for a low cost.

Community Involvement - Learn the joys of community service by being engaged in opportunities that will improve your community.

  • Community Service

  • Political Involvement


Character and Self Esteem Building Workshops - A lot of our battles are first won in our mind. If you can think it, you can achieve it. Building your mind to become emotionally strong and your character to be impeccable will you capitalize when opportunity presents itself.

  • Self-esteem workshops

  • Character building workshops


Cultural Experience - lets visit museums to explore history, sporting events, practice yoga and so much more. Let’s emerge ourselves in moments we’ve never experienced.

  • Activities geared towards cultural emersion (i.e. Museum visits, yoga classes, sporting activities, travel ect.)

+ Events

-Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore

-Youth Vision Boards, Sparking Cider, and hors d’oeuvres  

-Wizards vs Hornets

-Cooking with Chef Kiara 


-African American History Museum 

-Spring break Jam 

We'd love to see you at these events!

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