Building Enterprises +Entrepreneurs

Professional Services

As a certified Instructional Designer and Trainer having expertise in the education and business sector BEE can assist you in growing your business with the following services:

Content Development - As your business grows it will become essential that you established processes and modules that will allow your company to grow with the same level excellency. Allow us to:

  • Create E-Learning modules

  • Aid you in developing content specifically for your organization-

    • Standard Operating Procedures​

    • Personalized Articles

    • Contracts

    • Professional Development Seminars


Strategic Planning - We have experience aiding multi-million dollar companies in strategic planning.

  • Consultation

  • Single year strategic plans

  • Multi-year strategic plans


Administrative Services - Sometimes life as an entrepreneur can pull you in so many different directions that you forget the little things. Let us help.​

+ Events

-Networking Opportunities

-Webinars with tips to build your business

-Speaking Engagements


We'd love to see you at these events!