Be Educated +Encouraged

Any goal you set, we can help you reach.
Educational Assistance

Dissertation Coach - Sometimes we just need a little or a lot of a push to get our wheels turning, sometimes the methodology can be scary, sometimes we just need a little encouragement. We provide sessions:


  • One on One

  • Group 


Returning to College - Need help selecting an institution the fits your needs, creating a schedule that will allow you to fulfill your other obligations and classwork, a little encouragement? We provide:


  • One on one preparation

  • Assessment of academic standing and planning

  • Academic Advising

  • Workshops

  • Assistance finding tutors


Life Assistance

Career planning - Not sure if college is the route for you? Interested in welding, project management, apprenticeships. Let us help you explore trade school options and prepare you for certification completion. Want to switch careers? We provide:


  • Career consultation

  • Certification exploration and preparation

  • Apprenticeship application guidance

  • Resume’ building

Emotional Support - Let us know how we can help? We have mentorship experience and behavioral counseling.

Image by Frank Busch